Which type of soleplate for which type of ground? - You should keep this in mind!

Which type of soleplate for which type of ground? - You should keep this in mind!

Nothing is more important for a football player than choosing the right shoe for the pitch. But what is the diffrence between FG soleplate and SG soleplate? In the following blogpost we want to give you some informations about the different soleplates.

FG - Firmground

The FG sole is made of plastic studs. This type of sole is suitable for dry grass pitches and long, modern artificial turf pitches. On dry or slightly damp natural turf pitches, the plastic studs of the FG sole provide optimum traction and are by far the most common feature here. FG soles can also be used on new and modern artificial turf pitches, which are usually still soft and slightly deeper. Puma therefore offers extra FG/AG soccer boots, for example, which can be used on both artificial and grass pitches.

SG - Softground

The SG sole stands for "Soft Ground" and is used on wet natural grass pitches. The risk of slipping on a wet natural grass pitch with the wrong type of sole is very high. This is exactly where the SG sole with its longer iron studs comes into play, which press into the ground much more aggressively than the classic FG sole and gives you the best possible grip on the ground. Watch out! Wearing the sg soleplate on artificial turf pitches is not permitted.


AG - Artificalground 

The AG sole stands for "Artificial Ground" and is therefore used exclusively on artificial turf pitches. Compared to the FG soleplate, the studs of the AG soleplate have round, shorter and more studs. On the one hand, this improves the pressure distribution on the sole. On the other hand, it reduces the risk of injury.

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