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Nike Magista Obra II 2 SG-Pro AC AH7304-080

Nike Magista Obra II 2 SG-Pro AC AH7304-080

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The Magista Obra II features an upgraded one-piece Nike Flyknit surface, offering improved flexibility, breathability, and support, enhancing ball touch. The shoe's 4.5 mm textured surface, internal padding, and natural ball-shoe friction provide an advantage in dribbling, direction changes, passes, and shots, with ACC technology ensuring consistent ball grip in all weather conditions.

For modern playmakers, Nike's advanced outsole and stud system optimize grip by analyzing pressure points and force transmission, facilitating quick direction changes. The split forefoot and 360-degree rotation capability of front foot studs enable more power generation and faster pivots.

Weight: 216 grams.

This shoe is designed with SG (Soft Ground) studs.

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